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An Ombre Christmas

Most holiday seasons I find myself buying new ornaments in a new color scheme for the DTBD studio tree.  But this year I decided to put to use all my past color schemes and create an ombre christmas tree.  It was simple and made a BIG statement in the room.

Here are a few of my tree decorating tips:

  1. Gather your tools before starting. (see image below)
  2. Place your tree in a spot where you can enjoy it while lounging or watching TV. Avoid placing it directly in front of a TV as the glare/reflection in the TV can be distracting.
  3. Dark green pipe cleaners are a good alternative to christmas ornament hooks.
  4. Place down a thick blanket and unpack and gather all your ormanats in a workspace close to the tree.
  5. Create your tree layout on a flat surface before actually placing them on the tree.
  6. Place lights on first, followed by ribbon, large ornaments and then smaller ornaments.
  7. Remember a good tree plays with depth so place items way deep and in the forefront.

I dare you to be domestic!


The Man Cave Closet

As much as us guys don't like to admit it, we have lots of stuff.  So when a client informed me he was moving into a new house and his girlfriend would be joining, I knew I had to make some decisions on how to join all his items with hers.  It would hurt my heart to have a pair of Giuseppe Zanottis next to a old beat up pear of baseball cleats.  So I bring to you the The Man Cave Closet. Simply convert a guest closet into the place where your sports fanatic can store all of his or her "play clothes".  We added few hat racks, rubber bins, hooks and metal baskets from the Container Store and we are all set.

I dare to you be domestic!

Tension Rod Solutions

It seems like everyday I leave my Pinterest profile amazed at the creative solutions people come up with to store items, and re-purpose everyday home essentials. My teams latest obsession is tension rods. When I first came across the idea I was shocked at how an item I normally associate with my grandma and outdated fabric could become a staple in organizing solutions for my clients.

We love using tension rods because they solve some of the most complained about problems we deal with on a daily basis from shoes to pot lids. The best part is that you don't have to be Martha Stewart's long lost relative or have alot of experience with DIY to complete this project. And did I mention it only takes a few minutes? 

When you start on this project I cannot stress enough the importance of measuring the space you are working with. It's easy to think that you can eye ball the area because it tends to be short lengths, you don't want to double your project time by a quarter inch.

Once you have your measurements you can go shopping. We like to try different types of tensions rods but find that they are almost always white. We have found 18" rods at Home Depot in black as well as chrome with white stoppers. We also like Target, Lowe's, and if you live in Los Angeles were hooked to Daiso Japan. We love all the innovative Japanese products they offer, the tension rods are not visible on their website but they carry some as small as 6" to a yard. They also have pink and floral print, the offerings vary location to location so you might want to call ahead. 

As you can see in the photo above one of our clients LOVES to wear flip flops while lounging around her home. She hated the way they looked so sloppy and she always had to be digging through them to find the correct pair. She also wanted to keep them in this drawer to maintain a clutter free look. We found that by inserting a few tension rods we were able to keep all the sandals organized, in pairs, and save space in her closet. 

I bet you can think of a place or two around your house tension rods could be useful. Here are some of my favorite solutions from other bloggers. 

This under the sink tension rod allows for more efficient storage Thanks to  Jen Grant Morris

This under the sink tension rod allows for more efficient storage Thanks to Jen Grant Morris

We finally found a way to organize those pot lids, Thanks to The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking

Cabinet Divider for trays, cookie sheets, and more from  BHG

Cabinet Divider for trays, cookie sheets, and more from BHG