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The Man Cave Closet

As much as us guys don't like to admit it, we have lots of stuff.  So when a client informed me he was moving into a new house and his girlfriend would be joining, I knew I had to make some decisions on how to join all his items with hers.  It would hurt my heart to have a pair of Giuseppe Zanottis next to a old beat up pear of baseball cleats.  So I bring to you the The Man Cave Closet. Simply convert a guest closet into the place where your sports fanatic can store all of his or her "play clothes".  We added few hat racks, rubber bins, hooks and metal baskets from the Container Store and we are all set.

I dare to you be domestic!

Modern Office Calendar

I was on the hunt for an office calendar for my work space. I was feeling really frustrated and tired of large desk calendars that always got in the way or tiny calendars that often tipped over. There were no calendars that I felt were efficient, looked good in my work space, or made me feel excited to use them.

I decided to take action and create my own custom, modern, and sleek calendar. I began with the petite pure wall calendar that measure 24" by 24". It is made of crystal clear polished Lucite, solid steel hardware, and silk screened here in Los Angeles. This calendar feels more like a work of art than a keeper of your busy schedule. It is currently available in only gold or black ink and three different hardware finishes that you can customize.

My clients loved the petite version so much that I began creating large 48" by 48" calendars that are often used by businesses, celebrity homes, and some of Hollywood's biggest decision makers.

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