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Coffee Table Essentials

What's in that box? My coffee table decor may change with the seasons but the one thing that remains the same are the items I call my "Coffee Table Essentials". These eight items are guaranteed to come in handy for everyday living.  It's a great way to stay prepared and organized as you watch your favorite TV shows, have a drink and light a few candles - a ritual in my household. I dare you to  be domestic!

1. Apple TV remote - We all know how easy it is to loose this little guy.

2.iPhone - Makes searching for Apple TV or your favorite YouTube video a swipe away.

3. Television Remote - The volume master.

4. Coasters - Protect your table top from water damage.

5. Wick Trimmer - Keep candles burning best when you trim the wick 1/3 of its after burned length.

6. Wick Dipper - gently puts out your candles without smoke or causing a wax spill. Gentle press the wick down into the melted wax to extingusins then straighten back.

7. Lighter - eliminates the running around trying to find a way to light your candles.

8. Decorative Box - Keeps all of your coffee table necessities in one stylish place. Form and function.