Add Some "Adult" to Your "Kid's" Party

Who says adults can't have fun at a one year old's birthday party? This past weekend Dare To Be Domestic helped coordinate a party thrown by Mom and kids party enthusiast Courtney Mitchell, for her one year old son Gavin.  Courtney is known for throwing great children's parties and always keeps in mind her adult friends when planning.  Here is a look at how Courtney keeps both the kids and adults entertained.  All of the fun paper goods and signage was created by Damon at The Paper Door.

  1. Grown Folks Candy: Adults love candy too. Courtney served candy from the adults childhood.
  2. Small Bites: Serve smaller sized treats so anyone on a diet won't be able to resist.
  3. Adult Signature Beverages: Stick to one fun signature drink for adults with light to little alcohol.
  4. Photo Booth:  Great for both kids and adults.
  5. Family Fun Toys: Rentals like Jumpers should be adult friendly.
  6. Live Entertainment: Helps keep the kid busy for at least an hour.
  7. Cocktail Tables: Give adults a place to talk and keep their drinks out of the way of the kids.

I dare you to be domestic!