A Simply Romantic Wedding by Derrick & Damon

When a childhood friends asks for help with her wedding the only answer a designer can give is yes.  Besides I had been secretly planning her wedding, unbeknownst to her, for at least 5 years.

Kristi was a great bride because she knew what she wanted but just didn't know how to execute it. That's where Damon of The Paper Door and myself come into play.

Here are a few simple ways we helped the bride create a simple yet romantic wedding:

1. Save money and time by selecting a venue that is already magical before you add any of your personal touches. Examples include; forests, beaches and architectural landmarks.

2. Make an big impact with head turning flowers in at least two places.  For Kristi's wedding we choose an arch during the ceremony and a seating card installation where we turned an old window adorned with flowers into a display for seating cards.

3. Don't be scared to make your own bouquette. It's rather simple and even the wildest of floral arrangements wrapped with silk ribbon and pearl pins give a romatic gesture just as well as an higher priced  bouquet arrangement.  Be sure to practice first.

4. Votives and candles save the day.  If your decor budget is limited and your having an evening wedding votive candles in inconspicuous places will really set a romantic mood. Try up stairs, throughout gardens and grouped together on tables.

And always remember less is more.