THE HOUSE BOOK... The Most Comprehensive Home Organizing Workbook Around. The House Book features simple, easy-to-use, worksheets to help organize every aspect of your home life. From the serial numbers on your cable boxes to paint and wifi passcodes codes used throughout your home, we've got you covered. 

The House Book covers over 80 home categories with corresponding worksheets stored in a durable three ring binder with easy to read section dividers to make keeping track of your home a breeze. Be your own Estate Manager and know everything happening in and around your home at all times by using this invaluable home resource. The House Book is great for both new and veteran Homeowners, Estate Managers, Assistants, House Guests, Property Managers and Realtors. 

Professional Organizer and Estate Manager Derrick Johnson created The House Book based on the many books he creates for his Hollywood clients. Dare To Be Domestic creates products to make home-life easy. Made in the USA. 

Book Sections Include: Community Information, Utilities, Power/Electric, Water, Gas, TV/Cable, Phone, Internet, Trash, Security, Water Delivery, Piano, Convection Oven, Washer, Dryer, Water Heater, Air Conditioner, Microwave, Refrigerator, Wine Storage Fridge, Vacuum, Trash Compactor, Computers/Tablets, Televisions, Camera, VCR/DVD Player, Cell Phones, Computer, Printer, Routers/Airports, Fax Machine, Vehicle Gate Access, Fountain/Water Feature, Heat Lamps, Grill, Garage Doors, Pool Operation, Jacuzzi, Fireplace, House Staff, Housekeeping Supplies, Vendor Contact List, Animal Doctors, Pet Food/Supplies, Key Log, Paint Log, Vehicles, Maintenance Log, Insurance Log, 12 Month Calendar, and more...

The House Book
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  • Multi-functional journal/workbook to help manage and organize every aspect of your home or investment property.
  • Features simple, easy-to-use, worksheets and insider links to download exclusive House Book content.
  • Great for both new and veteran Homeowners, Estate Managers, Assistants, House Guests, and Realtors.
  • Includes: (80) Worksheets, (1) 3 Ring Binder & Case, (1) Storage Pouch, (10) Dividers, (3) Bus. Card Pages, (1) Notepad
  • Makes a great Housewarming gift
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