How a Hollywood Assistant and Estate Manager Turns Home Product Designer...

It all started when…

Derrick realized he was the go to source for all of his friends for anything and everything domestic…

Now, Derrick Johnson - Domestic Lifestyle Expert, is who Hollywood calls when they find themselves in a domestic bind. A Maryland native, Derrick works in the homes of some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry.  He helps his clients keep their clutter to a minimum, entertain with ease, while adding function and beauty to their décor.



" I live my job, It doesn't ever feel like work"

-Derrick Johnson

After graduating from the University of Maryland with a degree in communications and a pocket full of on-stage theater experience, Derrick moved to Los Angeles where he landed his first estate manager/assistant position for a well-known Victoria’s Secret model. It was there that Derrick honed his skills in event planning, entertaining, as well as decorating .

He’s a relatable, regular ol’ guy (well sort of) who loves to chore-it-up and help people help themselves at the same time.  He brings his practical knowledge and unyielding passion for all things domestic to your home – always with great ideas and a laugh.

Derrick’s specialization in all-things-domestic dates back to his childhood, where he helped his father (who worked as a roofer and janitor at night) clean schools, offices and residential buildings.  Derrick also jumped at every opportunity to tag along with his grandmother (a housekeeper) on various housekeeping jobs across their hometown.  The eldest of six children, it’s obvious why Derrick always gravitated towards the many domestic duties that came with being the oldest… it was a necessity.

The goal of Derrick’s company, Dare To Be Domestic, is to transform the lives of his clients .  Derrick helps his clients discover and then make the positive changes that will allow them to run smoother, more fabulous lives.  Both his services ad products have the same goal in mind – To make home-life easy!