Learn how to clear the clutter, properly store all types of clothing, maximize closet space and make your closet look and feel better.

(no matter the size)

Join pro organizer and designer Derrick Johnson in this 3-day closet master class and learn ``the art of the sort, cleanse and purge and create a closet that will actually work for you.  You will add hours to your week and enjoy the clothing you already have.


DAY 1 – Clothes...

  • Derrick will show you techniques on how to sort, purge and know what to donate.
  • He will show you the best practices for hanging and organizing all type of clothing.
  • Learn the proper way to store fine clothing
  • Learn creative space saving ideas
  • Underwear and sock organizing tips

DAY 2 – Shoes…

  • Discover unconventional ways and places to store all types of shoes.
  • Learn how to archive special occasion shoes.
  • Learn to pack shoes for travel and storage.

DAY 3 – Bags...

  • Smart ways to display your bags
  • How to store bags and prevent damage
  • Long term bag storage


  • Décor  to spice up the look of your closet
  • Fun closet products and gadgets
  • How to create a closet book