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Derrick Johnson, Domestic Lifestyle Expert, created Dare To Be Domestic   in its early stages as a lifestyle blog to help his many friends with common questions about topics in and around their apartments.  As the brand grew Derrick was able to combine his career as a personal assistant and weekend organizing gigs into one company. Now Derrick shares his methods and products with his clients in Los Angeles and abroad.


The Quick Resume

After graduating from the University of Maryland I landed a job with IBM.  That enabled me to move to Hollywood - well Miracle Mile to be exact. After getting burned out on Tech talk and khakis my then boss laid me off because she didn't want me to be stuck.  Who'd have guessed a Victoria's Sectret model gave me my first assistant job.  It was there I learned I wasn't so much of a calendar kind of assistant but I could throw a mean dinner party. Next I explored my creative side working as a creative coordinator or a advertising agency and then as a photography agent. It was at these jobs I honed my creative eye...

On the weekends I organized garages and coordinated yard sales. Who knew that would be a hit?  As the word spread I was happy to realize I could quit my day job and focus ion what IO loved. Helping people help themselves in and around their home.  Enter Dare To Be Domestic, a combination of every skill, hobbie and job I've had in my young life.  The End.